• GR8 Tactical Flashlight with Pepper Spray

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    GR8-DefenseLight.  over 700 lumens on highest power and 5 strength modes including an instant on strobe. on board pepper spray made buy SABRE. comes with CR123 batteries and one live pepper canister and one practice water canister. the flashlight can be broken down and carried in a shower flashlight only capacity. comes with a Kydex belt holster with reflective Solas tape on back for emergency . separate metal belt clip comes with your command kit to carry the GR8 in flashlight only mode. Two versions available: Gr8-02 Law Enforcement model utilizing 2 batteries yielding a max output of 704 lumens  GR8-01 the civilian model utilizing one battery and yielding a max out put of 250 lumens. assembly wrench and instructions included.