• Covert armed bug out bag ( 2-4 Gun Pistol Case)

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    Great for a non descript bag to accompany you in an urban enviorment . This is not the traditional B.O.B (bug out bag) . The next evolution is a "Get Home Bag" Stow large frame Semi-auto pistol and a small frame back up pistol with ammunition . Add tactical light, knife, multi-tool,  Trauma/Medical pack, spare charging cables/Batteries, Copy of identification, money , energy bars, water purification tablets. Small foldable water bottle, air filter, Bandana sized scarf, Poncho, Paracord task light/headlamp, door stop, self adhesive mirror and  Chem lights, these are just some of  the items you can store in this 2 level nylon attaché bag. Be sure to update your bag for seasonal needs. Easy to store under most truck and car seats.  Easy to change for your needs. Both levels have the smooth "loop" Velcro inside. Extra "hook" Velcro straps available.  Makes a nice range bag too! Large case ( 4 gun dimension 16"x10"x4" comes with attachments for 4 pistols and 4 magazines ) Small Case (2 Gun dimension 10"x 8"x4" comes with attachments for one pistol and two magazines and 2 Velcro loops for attaching a box of ammunition)