US TROOPS and people like YOU depend on WRB Products

Made in the USA from American made materials. Designed for function and comfort, with professionals who depend on quality. You paid a great deal for your Firearm, shouldn't you have the very best to house that investment. A well designed holster enables you to deploy that pistol, safely and efficiently. Now is not the time to cut corners and pinch pennies. If you carry a Pistol for self defense, you need the very best. Welcome to WRB, Holsters and Tactical cut and sew Nylon for both civilians and Law Enforcement/Military. Thats what we do.

Proffesionals & Civilians both use WRB

Plain Clothes & off Duty

Magazine pouches, with maximum performance and minimal bulk. Great for deep cover or covert carry. Made from 1000 Denier and a secure positive retention contact  clip. Able to insert the magazine with ammunition rounds faced Forward or in the aft position. Equipment designed for how you train and fight.

Battle field Tuff

Hard core door kickers rely on our quality and workmanship. Made by Americans for Americans. Utilizing 1000 Denier nylon, just like we use for military  projects. Sure it might be overkill for the use you might put it through, but isn't it nice to know, our products  are Tuff enough to withstand the punishment.  Our Original website